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Every month, we come up with a hidden wonder to explore on your next visit. Learn more about what you can find in Kirksville, Missouri, and its many attractions and attractions in the area.

Meet outdoors and spend a day hiking, camping, fishing and relaxing at Echo Bluff State Park in Eminence, Missouri. While enjoying nature, spend time with your family and friends when visiting EchoBluff State Park and the Eminences. Stay in this cave hole in the forest for years and relax with friends, family or even a group of friends and family for a night or two.

We love to rent a canoe with a group of friends and explore the 17 miles of coastline and thousands of hills. We enjoy visiting the many attractions in the area, including the Missouri State Museum, Kansas City Museum of Natural History and many more.

When exploring the lake, you should see the ancient petroglyphs on your way out of the park. These rock paintings were left by the inhabitants of the area in the late 19th and early 20th century as part of their daily lives.

Ten years earlier, the Missouri General Assembly had decided that the Northeast would adopt strict academic standards and focus on liberal arts and sciences. Archaeologists believe the area was once used as a place of ceremony by the Native Americans who inhabited northern Missouri.

While the university may not have the bustle you'd expect in a big city, most students are surprised that with all the fun activities it offers, it's hard to get bored. A stroll through the city's Country Club Plaza is fun and casual, with off-season dates.

The Lakeroad Village RV park is located just outside Kirksville, Missouri and is open year-round and has all the necessary amenities including a full service restaurant, RV park and plenty of parking. There is also a bar and barbecue, which are the ideal place for a romantic meal, and an outdoor picnic area. In addition, there are a number of great camping and RV rental options for RV rental in and around Kirkville Missouri.

The views from this place are good and the main attractions in Kirksville are only a short drive away, but the view from the place is the best.

If you're looking for a little urban sprawl in a state park or prefer the natural surroundings, Kirksville has it all for you. Missouri is the site of Thousand Hills State Park, and this complex mineral formation is known as the largest commercial cave in the state of Missouri. It measures 4.6 miles in length and has a seven-story building that holds over 1,000 cubic feet of limestone and other minerals. The cave is open all year round and offers an excellent opportunity to learn about the geological background of our state.

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Conveniently located in the heart of Kirksville, Days Inn Kirkville offers everything you need in an affordable and friendly hotel. Start at $52 per night if you stay at Super 8 Wyndham Kirkesville or if you are looking for an affordable room rate and location. As it is a college town, there are many ways to stay in Kirkingville, from hotels and motels to restaurants, bars and restaurants.

Located in the heart of Kirksville, just blocks from the University of Missouri - Kansas City, this hotel is one of the most popular hotels in Kirkingville.

Named after the creek and its rushing waters, the St. Francois Mountains State Park features a variety of interesting cracks, pools and canals that offer great views of the Missouri River and its tributaries, as well as the city of Kirksville itself. Located just blocks north of downtown Kirkingville on the west side of Interstate 35, the 3,252-acre park offers many recreational opportunities. Located at the intersection of two of Missouri's most popular hiking trails, this land offers a great view of a stream rushing through the 20-mile St. Francis Mountains, along with a variety of waterfalls and other natural features.

For those interested in nature, the Missouri Department of Conservation has several nature reserves in and around Kirksville. St. Francis Mountains State Park is one of the state's most popular hiking and horse riding areas, offering a variety of hiking trails and a variety of other recreational activities.

One of the strangest insider tips on this list is the Jim Wonder Dog Park in Marshall, MO. This old hotel, located at 8850 Morse Mill Spur Road, is a farmhouse dating back to 1816 and is amazing, the largest of which is the once magnificent castle that remains from 1905 and stands on the property. There is a website,, which has been very active over the years in providing information about dental care in Kirksville and other parts of Missouri.

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More About Kirksville